About Base Artisan

History of Base Artisan
Kotagede Yogyakarta

AMIDST the busy and vibrant Kotagede, historical old city in Yogyakarta famous for its silver craft, an aspiration to explore different kind of art sparks. In November 2015 Bambang Prijono started weaving his dream to deliver craft products with less pollutant. Base Artisan was born, grow, and give new distinctive features through natural rattan bags and baskets.

Standing on eco-friendly concept. Base Artisan uses local rattan growing a lot in Indonesian tropical forests, Rattan is one of forest products other than woods with high economic value. Utilizing these climbing palms means empowering community depending their lives on forest products

Bambang Prijono (CEO Of Base Artisan)


Base Artisan is the story of Earth delivered by rattan, natural straws, and leather. Creativity, craftsmanship, and love for nature. are passionately woven, sending warmth of Indonesia all over the world.

Shipping Worldwide

Seamlessly reaching every corner, empowering global commerce. From our doorstep to yours 🙂

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