A canvas bag is a versatile and durable accessory made primarily from canvas fabric. Canvas is a sturdy and heavy-duty material made from cotton or a blend of cotton and other fibers, which gives it strength and durability.

Freya Canvas 02

Places of canvas side by side with woven rattan pulut describe the identity of Freya Canvas 02. At the Base Artisan studio this bag was born, not only using coveer hide and ratan, we tried new innovations.

Osella Bag

A tote bag is a versatile and spacious handbag designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Tote bags are popular for their open-top design, sturdy construction, and ample carrying capacity.

Shoppi Bag

These bags are specially crafted to cater to the needs of professionals who require a practical and stylish solution to carry their work essentials, including a laptop and other work-related items.